Magpie’s kids

Magpie had her kids this evening.  I knew she was going to be delivering today so have been watching her closely.  She produced 3 doelings.  They are red and black buckskins and light bellies with white belts and stars.  We will be watching them closely through the night to make sure they nurse well and stay warm.  Hopefully no more bottle babies.  More photos tomorrow evening when I have more time, and they are cuter!  These are more results from Cody’s great escape.  He balanced on a one inch wide bar and cleared a 4 foot wall to make these babies.

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4 Responses to Magpie’s kids

  1. Krista M says:

    Awesome Donna, 3 Doelings. Good work Magpie:) No kids here yet. Waiting for more pictures of the cuties. That one looks like “Brown Sugga!:

  2. Yes, our ratio is getting better. These little buggers took their sweet time to nurse and were rejecting all assistance. But finally are clean, dry and full. They look much better now.
    More photos when I get back home. I am in a all day class today and quite tired.

  3. Teresa says:

    My those boys can be quite creative when the ladies smell good! Very cute babies. Congrats.

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