Introducing Saphie’s Kids

Here are the kids born this morning to Ravencrest Saphire Duchess (our doe Saphie) and Ravencrest Luck of the Draw (our buck Cody).  First is Jade, our gold and black buckskin patterned doeling with a white star and frosted ears:

Then there’s Opal, our gold and black light-belly patterned doeling with a small white belt:

And last, but not least, we have Topaz.  He’s our blue-eyed black buckling with a tiny white star:

They are all for sale at weaning.  Jade and Opal will be available as AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf doelings, and Topaz will be available as a wether.

PS I updated the bunnies’ web page with new photos of them.  They are getting cuter all the time.

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6 Responses to Introducing Saphie’s Kids

  1. Jackie Craw says:

    Adorable kids, congratulations! You sure get some colorful ones. And I looked at your bunny picture update. Very cute! We used to raise New Zealand Whites, and the babies are what I miss.

    • Thanks Jackie- they are cute but I think they are looking a little similar. Possibly because they all have the same dad, despite my intentions. There’s nothing cuter than a bunny, not even a little goat.

  2. Teresa says:

    Safie’s babies are adorable. I am amazed by all the triplets and quads you seem to have. Is that typical for the breed?

    • Thanks Teresa. The Nigerian Dwarfs tend to have multiple births, although we had not had any quads until last year. And I would prefer not to have them as it is hard for the mothers to keep up with that many. The breed is known to rarely have 5 kids. I hope I never see that!

  3. Wished I lived closer, does FedX ship goats? I couldn’t resist those babies, seeing all of your babies had me in the mood to buy one the other day when we were at the market. I would rather buy off a farm though, markets make me a little nervous, too many animals from who knows where with who knows what.

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