In Waiting

So we have been waiting for more babies, getting up every three hours day and night to check on 6 theoretically pregnant ewes and 2 supposedly pregnant does.  In addition, 50 chicks were going to arrive this morning.  So I spent hours last week shoveling, sweeping, and scrubbing an area and its fixtures in anticipation of this event.  The chicks didn’t arrive, and the next possible date will be May 6th.

But our time hasn’t been entirely wasted in sleep deprivation.  We have had visitors.  On the weekends we have had some of my coworkers and their family visit.  Here’s photos from that visit (I hope they do not mind my posting them).  Here they are “helping” feed hay with Tom:

And here they are surprisingly enjoying the feed cart:

We also had my parents out.  My step-dad took really cool 3-D photos of our place and its critters.  I am not smart enough to post them in 3-D so simply took a 2-D photo of one of them.  You can check out more of his cool photos on his blog.

We’ve been enjoying and taking care of the babies we do have.  The goat kids are getting older and cuter.  This is Swami in one of his favorite (and cutest) poses:

And the bunnies are also getting older and cuter.  Today they graduated into their cages:

We lost two bunnies because one of the does is not producing enough milk.  So we have been supplementing some of them with milk via a bottle.

In addition this last weekend, I helped our non-profit Washington Wool at our craft table at the Shepherds Extravaganza at the Spring Puyallup Fair.  It was a nice weekend, and we had great Washington State produced fiber for sale.  The crowds were great, and sales were decent.  I also had plenty of time to sit back, chit chat, and spin with my miniSpinner.  I believe a nice time was had by all.

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8 Responses to In Waiting

  1. Lots of great looking fibre stuff at your booth!
    I think your co-workers children look like they are having a fantastic time 🙂

  2. Yes they did, and it made us all smile and laugh along with them.

  3. Jackie Craw says:

    Great photos Donna. The kids (human and goat) are cute!
    The fiber booth looked well stocked. Hope those lambs come soon!

  4. Mona had two black ram lambs last night. I had to go in and reposition the first one as he was trying to come out butt first. He wasn’t breathing initially so I had to give some mouth-to-mouth breaths. My camera battery is dead so I do not have photos yet, but all three are doing fine after a challenging start. I hope this pattern does not continue.

  5. Teresa says:

    Sorry to hear about the rabbit loss. They do look better now that they have fur. I hope you get to sleep soon. Hopefully the rest of the births won’t be as stressful as Mona’s.

  6. Thanks Teresa. They are looking better. Hopefully the rest of them make it. I hope to sleep more than 3 hours soon. If the remaining animals will cooperate, I will. And less stress doing it would be nice too.

  7. Michelle says:

    Donna, I’m still hoping to get a Herndon e-spinner at BSG, although funds will be a lot tighter than I hoped. Do you feel you spin faster/more/better on your mini-spinner? Are you glad you got one?

    • I spin a lot faster, more and better with my miniSpinner. I keep it at a steady and brisk clip for the fiber I am working with. I can go for hours with it (whereas a spinning wheel I last 1-2 hours before my back makes me stop). And because I do not have to pay any attention to keeping the wheel going or its rate, I can pay all my attention to drafting the fiber so I do spin a lot better. I spun from 10 AM to 7 PM at the Fair with some breaks. It is also really portable, much more so than my Ashford Traveler.

      At the Fair though, the only comments I received from fairgoers was how lazy I was. So no positive feedback on my amazing spinner from that crowd. I am not sure what kind of reaction the spinner and I would get from a hand spinning crowd.

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