Random baby photos while waiting on Miss Lizzie

I hung out in the barn watching Miss Lizzie pawing at the ground and squatting for a while this morning.  I did some extra animal chores but also took some cute animals photos while I was waiting.  Above is a photo demonstrating the size of Meadowlark’s kids, MacGyver and Maynard.  They are quite small but well proportioned and well-fed.

Then I tried to get better photos of Wink’s new lambs.  So here’s Tinker Bell

and Pixie Dust.

And here’s Peewee’s new look:

She still thinks she’s a baby.  I took the weekly bunny photos this morning too.  They will be posted on their web page.  I also took this photo of my bunny nursery (in the laundry room).

I have a synthetic sheepskin pad for our little paralyzed bunny to scoot around on.  It is soft but absorbent and washable.  I have easy access food and water dishes as well as hay for him.  We are calling him Tail Dragger (given his mobility).  The other two bottle babies we are calling Too Slim (the skinny one) and Polly (the not so skinny one).  Since we are bottle feeding them twice per day, we are getting attached.  This very well may turn out to be a problem, we’ll see.

Now I have to run back out to the barn and check on Miss Lizzie.  Here’s her udder today.  I think it’s the biggest Shetland udder I have seen.

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5 Responses to Random baby photos while waiting on Miss Lizzie

  1. Michelle says:


  2. Randy says:

    I still don’t see how those poor goats can walk with those big fat udders. Those poor baby bunnies. Hope they are okay.

  3. Jody says:

    That is the biggest udder I have ever seen! Geesh how do they walk around.

  4. Teresa says:

    I absolutely love PeeWee’s new look–quite the fashion statement!

  5. Yes, I do not know how she could walk or lay down either. It looks very uncomfortable.

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