Finally, the last of the goats delivers

Meet Maynard

and MacGyver

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6 Responses to Finally, the last of the goats delivers

  1. Teresa says:

    They are beautiful. Does this mean you get to sleep, or are the sheep still holding out?

  2. No sleep yet, two sheep are still holding out (although they look ready to pop!).

  3. I am still wathching the same cow I have been watching for 2 weeks. If I were a betting woman, I would have been in the hole by now. I too am sllep deprived. Waiting on the final four here on the farm, no not basketball,cows.(LOL)) I was mowing the grass today and saw a fed ex almost come up the drive, I thought he was bringing me a couple of your goats. Wish I lived closer, I couldn’t resist those faces.

  4. You are sliep deprived! Sorry no Fed Ex goats.

  5. Jackie Craw says:

    Maynard and MacGyver are beautiful!! Love the names! Hope you get some rest soon!.

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