Random Spring Photos

We received the rest of our chicks from Sandhill Preservation Now we have Speckled Sussex,  Ameraucana, Black Australorp, Colored Dorking, Dominique, Single Comb Light Brown Leghorn, Black Leghorn, Welsummer, Buff Orpington, Black Jersey Giant and Mottled Java chicks.  We plan on butchering the roosters before 12 weeks of age and keeping the hens for eggs.

The lambs were moved onto our “alley” of grass.  It is nice and sunny, and they obviously enjoy the grass.  I have update their web page too.  I will need to get new photos of them now that they are getting even cuter.

The bunnies were moved outside too.  They were in the feed shed, but it is getting too warm in there so now they are in their cages under the hutches. Their legs still slip through the floor of the hutches so they will stay in their cages a little longer.  I updated their web page too with new individual photos

Finally I have been tending to the greenhouse and garden.  I have the peas, potatoes, beets, radish, carrots, onion, parsnips, and swiss chard planted.  In the greenhouse I have tomato, lettuce, peppers, cucumber, broccoli, squash and herbs started.  Soon these will be out as well as the corn and beans.

Later today I will bring the last of the goat kids in to be disbudded by the vet, and that ugly task will be over.

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  1. Teresa says:

    It is so nice to see all the green in the pictures. I love the garden picture. Your greenhouse looks quaint.

  2. Thanks Teresa. Green is really calming. And there’s alot of it this time of year. As opposed to the grey of winter here.

  3. Stumbled across your site. Its pretty cool. Will deffo be back 🙂

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