Lamb X-rays

So to make my life more interesting, I noticed this early afternoon that our new lamb Timmy (or as Tom likes to call him Squally) seemed to have some instability of his right rear leg.  When he bore weight on this leg, it seemed to buckle below the knee, and he kept it outward as if trying not to put weight on it.  He cried when I touched it, but he cried equally when I touched his other leg too (I think he did want to be messed with).  I could not feel anything abnormal, but since Tom had to pull him legs first because he was breech, I was concerned that maybe he had a fracture or torn ligaments.  So I called the veterinary clinic, and they had me drop him off.  So I carried him to the car while still in my barn clothes drove him in.  I walked into the waiting room, and he lived up to the name Squally there.  I was trying to stay low profile given my clothing and the fact that I was shaking from sleep deprivation, but it did not work.  So they took him back, and I headed home to finish animal chores.  Then I received the answering machine message that his exam and x-rays were OK, and it is probably just soft tissue injury and/or joint subluxation (not dislocation).  He thought he would not need any medication and after being kept in a pen for a few days would be fine.

So then I got back into my car still in barn clothes and went to pick him up.  I had to wait in the waiting room for a while so felt conspicuous but didn’t think it was worth changing into clean clothes when both me and the lamb are not that clean.  Then I heard a holler and soon he was brought out.  (Interestingly in the waiting room both coming and going poeple there thought he was a goat.)  They gave me a CD of his x-rays, and they are posted here (I hope my vet doesn’t mind).  It is fascinating to compare lamb and human x-rays.  Anyway, we dodged a bullet I think because I was really worrying about him.  Especially after we lost all of his siblings.  He is now happily reunited with his mother, and all is right with the world.  Maybe I can sleep now!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Your vet must have a digital system like Rick does. I’ll have to tell him you got a CD of the images; he doesn’t do that! Maybe your vet gave them to you because you’re an MD?

    • I am not sure why he did. I know they have a new computerized system so maybe it’s a new thing they are doing for everyone. Seems like it would cost more to hand out CDs for all x-rays though. So it may have been special for me. But it is cool to look at and notice the differences of the same bones and joints between human kids and lambs (except the tail!)

  2. Nancy says:

    I’m glad that your little guy is OK
    I thought the second XRay looked like he might have a broken or dislocated toe on his left foot! But then again, I’m blind!


  3. Glad to hear it all worked out. Now get some sleep. LOL

  4. rabbtux says:

    I’m really glad Timmy is OK. I’ve seen lots of dog and cat X-Rays over the years but never a sheep’s. Thanks for sharing those, it was interesting.

    • I wasn’t going to blog about the experience but then I got fascinated looking at the x-rays and thought other people might be too. And I guess I was right.

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