13th Goat Anniversary

Today 13 year ago I bought my first goats.  They were three pygmy goats I picked up in Ellensburg.  There’s Carrie on my lap, Ben I am petting and Annie at the end of the bale, all on the day I got them.  Carrie was a real sweetheart, friendly and gentle.  Ben was a roustabout but also friendly.  He was an add-on purchase, such a deal!  Annie was not friendly, standoffish.  I learned a lot from these goats, both good and bad.  Annie, I lost to pneumonia after a C-section.  Carrie was killed by  a sheep.  Ben died of old age.  Carrie, in particular, really stole my heart and broke it when she died.  I switched to Nigerian Dwarf goats after these three pygmy goats partly because I wanted milk and partly because I did not wish to repeat the experience with Annie.  But these pygmy goats were real delight to live with.  I fell in love with pygmy goats at the Puyallup Fair when I was a kid and if it weren’t for those goats way back then, I would have never started getting goats, then sheep, etc.  So here’s to 13 years of goats in my life!

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  1. Teresa says:

    They are such wonderful creatures. I can’t imagine my life without a bunch of goats around me, but they really do steal your heart. Congratulations on 13 years of fan-goat-abulous adventures.

  2. jackie craw says:

    Very cute picture. I’m glad you started with the goats cause it led you to the sheep, which I wouldn’t have gotten if it weren’t for you selling them.

  3. Happy Anniversary! They grey goats look like PeeWee. I have had him 2 years, what is the life span of a goat anyway?

  4. Chai Chai says:

    Wonderful story, No matter what the species I guess it is always hard to forget your first love.

  5. Garrett says:

    I miss my Pygmies. A LOT. I had some shipped in via air from Seattle area, and I drove to Knoxville, TN and Wooster, OH to pick up the rest. They were registered and were a separate herd from my ‘grade’ pygmies that now, looked nothing like them. Regardless of their purpose here or pedigree, they were all loved and fantastic animals.

    After having a year where all my does aborted due to toxoplasmosis (thanks barn cats!) I moved them all out as I couldn’t bear to have them anymore. That, and my flock of sheep was ever growing and they didn’t mesh well here.

    I miss them every day and seeing photos of them makes me miss them even more. They are incredible animals!

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