Summer Farm Chores

Today I got some early summer farm chores accomplished.  This morning I worked on the garden.  I removed the plastic bells that I use to protect cold sensitive plants.  I moved them to the “parts” manure spreader and noticed this garter snake trying to warm up, hopefully before he eats a lot of slugs.   With our very cool spring, we have an excellent slug crop this year.  But there’s no way the corn will be knee high by the Fourth of July.

I planted 11 more tomato starts from our greenhouse to an area next to it.  Looks kind of rustic using branches as supports.

I need to cut down some bamboo, let the goats eat it and use them for bean poles.  I ran out of time today but hopefully this weekend.  I did weed whack around the perimeter of the garden to minimize the slug protection.  I weeded too.

When I went out to the barn I noted that the nursing ewes were yelling.  I could not find the black lambs anywhere and started to worry.  Then I noticed them in the next field.  They had snuck through the gate and were grazing there, ignoring their mothers completely.  Here they are returning.  They do not look very apologetic to me.

Then this afternoon I spread manure.  The forecast is good, and the spreader is full.   Here’s the tractor, the spreader, and the lambs and llama checking it out.

Here’s the spreading.  I love do this, but I am not sure why.  I almost feel like I have a rooster tail (like the old hydros from my childhood).  I wear a wide brimmed hat and let the sh*t fly (literally).

Here’s what I thought was a nice view I noticed while spreading.  It’s the neighbor’s barn and our sheep.

Some of the does and their kids broke into the next field when I brought the spreader through the gate.  I just left them there.  Here’s a kid copying her mother.

I caught all the lambs and the younger goats and placed them in pens in the barn.  When Tom came home from work, we did health maintenance on the lambs and kids: shots, worming, coccidiosis medication, hoof trimming and ear tags.  Next most of the lambs and kids will be weaned.  Several are going to their new homes the beginning of next week.

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  1. Teresa says:

    You have been busy! It does look like you’ve had a rough gardening year. Hopefully the weather will get better for you.

  2. Zakgirl says:

    Your blog never ceases to bring back a childhood memory or give me a giggle.

    The only snakes we get here in Australia are dangerous ones so I don’t like to see them up too close like your photo.

    What your post particularly reminded me of was the time I planted some seedlings and used a bush from the front garden as nice strong stakes. They were perfect for the job. Unfortunately the seedlings died but the stakes grew – so made me think, “I hope you used old dead stakes not live ones” 🙂

    • Thanks for the comments. I am so glad you enjoy the blog.

      We do not have any poisonous snakes in this area.

      The stakes I used are mostly from the spruce tree that fell on our house last November, so I think it is dead.

  3. sheepsclothing says:

    I just cheated and bought some sweet corn starts today. One of these days we’ll get around to building a greenhouse and will be able to start more of our stuff from seed– Anyway, I’m really excited about picking up the boys on Monday. See you then!

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