Milking Sheep and Preparing Bean Poles

Yesterday I noted that the ewes udder were quite large.  I had weaned the lambs two days prior, and usually this is not a problem.  But then I remember how big the udders were before these lambs were born, and as fast as they are growing they must have been eating plenty.  Sorry the photo did not turn out well, but hopefully you can appreciate how large this udder is.  So I milk two ewes yesterday, and all 4 today and have over a gallon of sheep milk.  Now I need to figure out how to make sheep milk cheese.

Today we prepared the bean poles.  Tom and I cut stalks of bamboo and drug them into the pastures.  Now the critters are doing their job making them into poles for us.

Even the lambs and kids are helping.

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6 Responses to Milking Sheep and Preparing Bean Poles

  1. Chai Chai says:

    Milking sheep, we want to do that as well. I hear it is quite sweet, have you tried it?

  2. I tried a little. It is sweet ,and it is thicker than goat milk too.

  3. Teresa says:

    I have a couple of goats that I thought were going to explode when they were first weaned. I did milk a little, but a couple were not really into letting me do that. I was disappointed that I didn’t get all that goat milk, but it wasn’t worth the struggle.

    • I use an EZ Milker, a stanchion and food. That helps, but if they are still unruly I will tie their back legs. I was surprised how cooperative the sheep were in comparison to the goats. They just stood there and let me milk them. It may be because they were so engorged that it felt good.

  4. Mimi says:

    Great idea who needs a goat. Now I need to be able to round up the sheep and catch them. I have only a few sheep who want to be my pet.

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