Orchard Fence and Rabbit Ramp

So now we are building a fence along the orchard with the boards we took down from the barn wall.  Thomas (step-son) and I have removed the nails from the boards and cut them to 6 feet.  Tom cemented posts into the ground.  We strung up 2 x 4’s, and Tom is nailing the boards up.  We are expecting to build a 40 foot fence with these boards.  Recycling in action!

Also with this wood, I build a rabbit ramp and platform.  So far they have only chewed on it, but hopefully soon they will figure out they can climb up on it too.


None to us, except back pain.  But the Skilsaw sustained an injury when it cut the power cord off.  The cord is now repaired, and the saw is back in action.

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7 Responses to Orchard Fence and Rabbit Ramp

  1. Chai Chai says:

    Waste not want not. Great re-purposing projects!

  2. Zakgirl says:

    The ramp might be too slippery for them.

    Have you tried putting a rabbit at the top and letting it work its way down?

    Perhaps some pieces of wood across the ramp to act as something to stop them slipping might help.

    Just a thought?


  3. Tammy says:

    Lucky little bunnies! Many years ago I had three rabbits in a big outdoor pen. Had wire buried under the dirt along the fence and an enclosed top. They had a nice big bunny house to go in and hang out in when it was cold. It was a mother and two daughters and they had the best time–they burrowed and they dug and played and played. It was fun just watching them. I really enjoyed this post–from the re-purposing to the bunnies and the line about the skilsaw and ‘it’ cut the cord! 😉

  4. Teresa says:

    You certainly have been busy. I just love recycling. If we can ever get weather to let us work, we are tearing down a trailer, and we’re going to re-build a goat shed and add a birthing building.

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