The What Kind of Chicken Am I Game

So I have been playing this game since April and now I could use some help.  Most of the chickens I have figured out, but not these ones.  Here’s what I purchased:

Speckled Sussex,  Ameraucana, Black Australorp, Colored Dorking*, Dominique, Single Comb Light Brown Leghorn, Black Leghorn, Welsummer, Buff Orpington,  Black Jersey Giant, & Mottled Java*  (I put asterixes (asterii?) on the ones I have never had before.)

So all you chicken experts (and wannabe experts), please help me out.

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6 Responses to The What Kind of Chicken Am I Game

  1. Corinne says:

    OK, this is fun! The first and last boys are Leghorns, also #3 looks like a Leghorn roo (white ear lobes, large single comb) although his color is off and his legs look dark? The girl in #4 is a Dorking (they have an extra toe). The girl in #2-I can’t see her face and comb to give me a clue..the closest breed that you ordered to what she looks like is a Welsummer, are her legs yellow? She looks really red though…..Did you order anything besides what you have listed?
    Nice batch of chickens!

    • Thanks Corinne. I am glad you enjoyed it; I have been. Thanks for the feedback. I have had leghorns before, but not roosters so they fooled me. And that’s good to know about the Dorking toes. On #2, we does not look anything like the other Welsummers I have. She could be a mutant or maybe something else snuck in the box. Those were all that I ordered though (plus the “free” unordered black leghorns).

  2. Katie says:

    Well, the first and last roos appear to be leghorns. The 3rd pic is an Ameracauna roo. the 2nd and 4th don’t appear to be any of those listed, although I could be wrong.

    Ain’t it fun? I have several chicks right now that I look at and think “WHO are your parents??” because they DON’T match the pens where I gathered them……


    Katie in WI

  3. Corinne says:

    I agree with Katie that #3 looks like an Ameraucana in some respects (that would explain the dark legs) but he doesn’t have a pea comb, and he looks to have white ear lobes like a leghorn…weird little guy. I think the red girl must have been an extra…I love a mystery! have fun with them!

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