Disabled fiber nut

So after two days of bedrest with bad TV, uninteresting books and lots of surfing, I was going a little crazy. I tried to knit but it was too hard, and weaving is obviously out. Then I thought to get the electric miniSpinner Tom got me for Christmas. It works great even when I am flat on my back. So with football or baseball on I have been a spinning fool. I filled up two large bobbins with the fiber above. It is a dyed Merino and silk mix I bought at the Black Sheep Gathering. Next I will ply the two bobbins.

Then I spun this funky fiber I got at Black Sheep. It has ribbons, golden strands and dyed locks of mohair in it. The yarn is quite lumpy bumpy. I Navajo plied it which was challenging and below it is on the skein winder.

I have some quivit waiting for me next.

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5 Responses to Disabled fiber nut

  1. Michelle says:

    Wonderful yarn, and wonderful tool! I am looking forward to using mine soon, and already know what I’m asking for for my birthday – more bobbins (I only got one; spent my extra on the WooLee Winder).

  2. sheepsclothing says:

    Sorry to hear that your back is giving you so much trouble. Thank goodness for the minispinner! I can see how bedrest might drive someone like you (who is used to doing so much) absolutely nuts. Care care- hope you are up and about again soon-

  3. Gail says:

    Cool! Now I want one, too! I hope your body mends soon and you are free to do all you like.

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