Autumn Sheep Chores

Today I actually did some animal chores!  The animals needed to be moved to their winter pastures as the grass will not grow anymore, and hay feeding needs to begin.  In this moving process the rams and ewes were briefly on the same fenceline.  Here they are saying hi before being separated to the standard two fenceline separation.

Tom expanded the sheep hay feeder today.  Here’s Bob helping him with the task.

And here’s the sheep trying it out.

Both big and small sheep found spots to get to the hay.  There’s a Shetland lamb in the foreground and our California Red wether in the background demonstrating this.

INJURY UPDATE:  My legs are stilling going numb and painful periodically but walking seems to help so I moved the sheep today.  I still cannot bend forward or lift anything so am very limited in the “chores” I can do.

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