Fall Fleeces

So here’s the skirting table for messed up backs that Tom made for me.  It is much better than the one I was imagining and worked well.

The fleeces this fall were a mixed bag.  The ones here were more amazing than I thought, soft and with good character.  Above is Rhett’s, our yearling Shetland ram.  Below Is Brown Sugar’s, our Nygora wether.

Above is Dete’s, our Cotswold ewe, and below is Wink’s, our Shetland ewe.

There was more felting than usual for fall fleeces, likely attributed to by our lousy spring and summer.  I will get these and the others posted on our Fiber for Sale page tomorrow.

Vanessa continues to improve.  Below is her icing after her morning rehab session with Tom.  Sometime she is just too excited to hold still though.

I am about the same.  I had my second MRI yesterday which just showed the same: severe degenerative disc disease in the L5-S1 disc and an annular tear of the L4-5 disc.  My neurosurgery appointment is December 22nd but we are still trying to get it sooner.

PS It is our first date anniversary today!  I have been in love with Tom for 9 years to the day.

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  1. Chai Chai says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary, love is such a blessing. Still praying for you.

    Here is a dumb question, did you shear the sheep this fall? If you did don’t they need their wool to get through the Winter?

    …mumbling to self in the corner, “Should I have sheared my sheep this Fall?”

    • Thanks! Some of my sheep and goats grow so much wool that I shear twice per year. The Gotlands, Cotswold, a few of the Shetlands and the Angora. If I don’t they felt horribly over the winter. Plus I shear the ones we are going to butcher. Plus fall fleeces are really nice, no hay or weather (usually). I try to do it in September so they can grow some back before it gets cold, did not happen this year though.

  2. sheepsclothing says:

    Congrats on the anniversary! Love at first date, eh? That’s great 🙂
    I’m thinking that perhaps I should have sheared our two white sheep this fall. Seriously long wool on those guys. But it’s a little late now, so guess we’ll see how it looks in the spring!

    • Thanks Denise. It was amazing when I met Tom, felt like he was made for me!
      I sheared two of the lambs from this year because their fleeces are looking long one of which is Chone’s brother. I am not sure if I made the right choice with the lambs though. They look mighty pitiful.

  3. Happy Anniversary Donna :-))
    That fleece from Brown Sugar looks lovely. I might be interested in it. Please tell me more when you have some time…Thanks…Jody

  4. Thanks Jody! It’s just a first date anniversary but still special to me.
    Brown Sugar’s fleece is soft but heavily skirted because there were coarse patches. There’ very little VM, and it weighs 13 ounces. It does have the guard hairs as well as the cashmere-like fiber. As my fleeces are $10 per pound, his is $8. I will very soon have a photo of his lock on the Fiber for Sale page http://schoonoverfarm.wordpress.com/our-fiber-for-sale/

  5. Karen Anne says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    What can they do about your disks, or is that what the appointment is to find out?

  6. Teresa says:

    How sweet that you can still mark the anniversary of your first date.

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