Destructo-Dog Strikes Again

So our dog Mopar continues her destructive ways. This time it is not fireworks that is the problem, but the fact that she is the lone guard dog with Vanessa on the D.L. with her ACL injury.  So she has taken to getting on the back porch since the latch to the gate was broken by her.  But then she cannot get off the porch because the gate closes behind her.  So she destroys the gate:


Then she gets through the back door into our laundry room and claws at that door:

We are not going to fix all three doors she has clawed at until she is gone.  There is not much point.  But we do need to put up a new back porch gate.  We are thinking about steel.

And this is just a gratuitous cute goat shot.

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4 Responses to Destructo-Dog Strikes Again

  1. Teresa says:

    You can NEVER have too many cute goat shots! That’s my theory with the doors and windows at my place–no point in replacing until my dog is gone. The sacrifices we make for their love and devotion!

  2. Tina T-P says:

    Now, is that a cute coat shot or a cute guy shot? Sorry the dog is being a BAD DOG! – Bad enough to have to put up with rams tearing up everything then to have the dog do it too!

    Merry Christmas to you and Tom and all your sheepies – Donna & Vanessa’s wool skirts almost go to the ground – do they know something that we don’t? T.

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