Working Smarter

Yesterday we trimmed the goats’ hooves.  Tom has had to do it since October when my back problem started, and I am not supposed to bend over.  So this time I rolled the spool over next to the trimmed stand.  Most (but not all) of the goats jumped up for food.  I tied them to the top of the head piece and trimmed the hooves myself without bending.  Three goats wouldn’t cooperate, and I needed Tom’s help.  So gradually I am figuring out how to be a disabled goatherd.

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6 Responses to Working Smarter

  1. Nancy K. says:

    You GOgirl!


    Want to come help me do my sheep’s feet?

    • Thanks Nancy- I am getting it slowly figured out. I do not think the sheep are going to be so keen on climbing on the spool, even for grain. I haven’t figured out how to do their feet yet without bending over or lifting. I considered a hoist 😉

  2. I can’t believe they jump up there and stand. Sigh. Sheep…

  3. Karen Anne says:

    Tied them to the top of the head piece? I’m not sure what this is, but they wouldn’t be in big trouble if they tried to jump down, would they? (I’m always a worrywart.)

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