Farm Friends Friday


These are some random photos from the farm recently that didn’t quite fit into the blog topics of the day. So I thought I would include them in my first Farm Friend Friday post.  Above is another sunrise reflecting off the water still left in our pasture.  This is the route we take between the house and the barn.  Below is the peahen finding a new roost on the barn above the front door.

Here are the sheep eating hay out of their feeder as viewed from the hay loft.  I am often impressed by the variety of colors in our sheep.

Lastly here’s a photo of Bambi, one of our Nigerian Dwarf goats, facing the sunrise.  We are considering trying to train him to pack.  He’s 150# which is big for a Nigerian but on the small end for a pack goat.  He’s not friendly though but maybe with enough coaxing with treats he’ll come around.

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  1. Teresa says:

    I just love the picture of the peacock on the barn. That is beautiful! Hope things have dried off for you.

  2. Karen Anne says:

    Any news on the neighbors situation?

    • Yes, Tom hired a survey crew to survey that property line to know exactly what part of the culvert is on our property and what part is on theirs. In the process the president of the homeowners association came out and this time was all nicey nice. He was suggesting that we could take out the culvert if we fix their culverts! Forget that! Their culverts are their responsibility and they should have been maintaining them for the last 30 years! The letter from our lawyer arrived here yesterday so presumably they got it in the last 2 days too. We’ll see what the response is. It basically says we are in our rights to block the culvert since it is damaging our property and threatening our critters. We would block it right now except a huge rainstorm is supposed to come in right now so our efforts would be thwarted. Wish us luck with this next storm and hopefully after that we can get the culvert blocked and our land and animals protected.

  3. I love this post–the picture of the water is so pretty. You have white peafowl? I just love ours and they are so much fun to watch. Hope you are drying up. That little goatie in the last picture is just too cute for words!!
    Thanks for joining Farm Friend Friday–so glad to have you!

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