Greenhouse, goats and chickens

Tom has been busy starting plants.  Above are mostly tomato seeds planted and below are mostly squash.

Above are herb starts, and below are new apple trees planted.

The photo below demonstrates how difficult it is to do anything around goats.  Tom was attempting to bring a cobalt block to them, and they all had to check it out.  He is trying to get the label off before they eat it.

And the last photo just shows the chickens enjoying the manure spreader after the wind storm blew the roof off of it.

Although the storms are still fierce, spring seems to be emerging.  The forsythia is blooming, and we can hear frogs again at night.  Maybe winter will end someday….

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8 Responses to Greenhouse, goats and chickens

  1. love the rooster in the manure spreader

  2. Karen Anne says:

    Those goats are so cute 🙂 Esp. the little black guy.

    How close together are the apple trees?

  3. Jackie Craw says:

    Nice photos! I love the rooster in the spreader. We got 4 more inches of snow last night, boo, hiss! Spring is reluctant to come up here.

  4. Teresa says:

    Those goats really are helpful, aren’t they. That rooster is mighty handsome.

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