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So Dave of Everranch Farm gave me a barn camera.  As I was excitedly opening the package, my ever optimistic husband stated “I wonder how long this one will last?”. But Tom did donate a camera case to the cause, and I promised Dave this one would not end up under a mower deck.  So now I can take exciting action barnyard shots again! Unfortunately there’s a learning curve.This first photo that I took didn’t focus well for some reason.  (Consider it an artsy piece).  Anyway it is our new pheasant chick hatched by our chicken hen.  His head is peaking out from behind her back.  She is the meanest chicken you would ever want to know but a ferocious mother.  The chick will be just fine.

I did a little better with the second photo.  The pheasant chick displaced the peahen and her chicken chick so they are back out in the pheasant hen.  She is also mothering quite well, and the chick is growing big.  So we have a couple of multi-species families now.

Finally in other nesting news, there seems to have been some activity in the barn owl nest box.  We do not see any birds flying in and out of it (like with all the swallow, starling and robin nests around here) so we are wondering if maybe an owl family is calling it home.  I do not want to disturb any occupants and do not know much about owl nesting behavior so am not sure.  What do you think?



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8 Responses to Back in Business

  1. Make sure that you set it to the little flower for close ups and the mountain for further away 😀 Artsy is good sometimes 😀 😀 😀

  2. Gotta love those poultry Mamas! I’m glad that you’ve got a camera again.
    I was sorry to hear about Tom the Turkey’s passing. 🙁

    • Donna says:

      There are great Mamas, that is for sure!
      Thanks for the turkey sympathies. He was a colorful figure. He was mean to other turkeys but also to anything brown including the moorit sheep and our brown donkey. I am not sure if he was trying to fight or mate but he would get kicked horribly and go right back. We had to keep him away from them.

  3. Teresa says:

    So glad you’ve got good momma birds. My geese are great or horrible parents. No in between there. Glad you have a barn camera again. I love seeing all the events going on around your farm.

  4. sheepsclothing says:

    Glad you’re back in business, Can’t be without a barn camera, not with all those cool critters to blog about!

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