The Lazy Days of Summer

for the sheep anyway.  This is Jethro taking it easy on a pleasantly warm day.

For us, however, we are working our tail ends off.  We have many projects that need to get done during our very short summer this year.  Things that need to be done when it is not going to rain.  We have been painting our out buildings, mowing our pastures, and spreading manure.  This is on top of gardening and managing our orchard and berry bushes. We still have to repair the barn gutters, fix the net over the pheasant pen and replace two barn walls.  Some days I wish I was a sheep!


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6 Responses to The Lazy Days of Summer

  1. Teresa says:

    Hope you get cooperative weather so you can get stuff done. I think I’m going to call this year mostly a bust. At least I got the manure spreader here, so I get to spend all week shoveling manure. I think I wish I was a sheep too. Wait make it a goat.

    • Donna says:

      I really hope it cooperates. I am at work today so much less strenuous. We are hiring two young nephews to scoop out pens for $10 per pens. We shall see how much actually gets done. The goats don’t seem as laid back as the sheep though. Good luck with your manure.

  2. sheepsclothing says:

    What a sweet picture of Jethro! I love how his ears hang down.

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