Pie Cherries

I love pie cherries.  I can take or leave Bing or Rainier cherries but love pie cherries.  I am not sure if it is because I have memories of the large pie cherry tree in a childhood backyard in which my brother and I would climb and dare each other to each the sour fruit.  Or maybe it is because of my mother’s outstanding cherry pies.  But imagine my disappointment when our cherry trees did not produce any fruit this year.

But then my brother in law and his wife let us know their pie cherry tree is loaded, and we could pick the fruit.  So my kind husband went there yesterday when I was at work and picked the cherries above.  And today I canned them.  It is a lot of work having to wash them, remove the stem, then pit them.  But then there’s the sweet popping sound of the jars sealing after the water bath, indicating there will be cherry pie next December!



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4 Responses to Pie Cherries

  1. Krista M says:

    Donna, that sounds so good! Pie and a beer, yum! They look amazing, and I am jealous:)

  2. Teresa says:

    How wonderful that you got cherries. My tree is young and only had a few, and the ones I picked from my sister’s tree were wormy. 🙁 I love using the cherries to make wine!

    • Thanks Teresa! I like cherry pie too much to use cherries to make wine. But we use other fruit here for wine: blackberries, plums, grapes and, of course, apples and crabapples for our hard apple cider.

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