Scooping the Poop

So it was time to clean out the barn.  This year, in the interests of working smarter not harder, we rented a Bobcat rather than using our poor old tractor.  This way the tractor could be reserved for pulling the manure spreader while the Bobcat was cleaning out the barn.  This system worked well and, although it cost more money, hopefully we will save money in reduced human and tractor repair costs.

I was good and did not bring Dave’s camera on the tractor with me.  So no dramatic flying sh** shots.  The brown rooster tail gives the false impression of speed, but I certainly was not going as fast as a hydroplane.  This year there was more rocks in the airborne manure since we had laid rock down in the barn last year.  So I gave up my usual poop hat (below) for Tom’s hard hat.  I am pleased to report there were no head injuries.

The Bobcat did a great job cleaning out the barn and did not dig deep holes like our tractor does.  Hopefully we will not have a pond with the first rain like we have in years past. One more summer chore checked off this list in this abbreviated season.

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4 Responses to Scooping the Poop

  1. Teresa says:

    I’ve been doing this chore by hand. I have too many levels and boards across the floor and narrow doors to be able to use a bobcat. Looks like it did a great job! Glad there were no injuries.

  2. Denise says:

    Hurray for injury-free! Makes all the difference, having the right tools for the job. I think next week we might be renting a stump grinder. Tho I’m wondering if perhaps we should just hire this job out…..

    • Thanks Denise. Injury free is good. It cost more than we thought- their prices have gone way up for rentals and delivery fees but we maximize our investment by spreading gravel too. I have no experience with stump grinding, sounds kind of scary.

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