Goat Hooves Trimming Day

was today.  I was a week late because last week we rented the Bobcat on the day I was planning on trimming.  So some of their hooves were embarrassingly long.  I guess they are eating well to grow hooves so well.  The photo is of Peewee on the trimming stand trying to get to the grain bucket.  She is just not tall enough, but she is sure stretching.

I also shearing all the rabbit and trimmed their toenails too.  They did not like it, but they should be much cooler now that the temperatures are starting to warm up a little.  I only have a few scratches from the experience.

I also pickled cucumbers and am drying herbs- dill, fennel, oregano and chives.

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10 Responses to Goat Hooves Trimming Day

  1. Chai Chai says:

    Trimming hooves is either a struggle or a snuggle session, depending on the goat of course. I like the horns of your sheep at the top of the page. They are a bit different from my rams but very majestic.

    • Some are definitely more of struggle than others, but I do not think any of our goats like it. You think they would realize how much more comfortable they are afterwards though. Thanks for the compliment on the horns. I thought the rams look somewhat dramatic so put them in the header.

  2. Delicious looking pickles..yum!
    You have alot of nice colours from your buns 🙂

  3. Cindy Phelps says:

    Your pictures are great. I am glad I found you and am learning lots about farm animals. I plan to adopt two nigerian goats when the time is right. Thanks, Cindy Phelps

  4. Teresa says:

    You certainly have been busy. I really need to trim hooves also. I really need to find a better way to do it since I seldom have help. The pickles look delicious!

    • Thanks Teresa. It does not seem that I make any progress though. I have the goats climb a ramp to the milking stand and then jump onto a large spool that has a head holder I fashioned. I can persuade all but three to do this with grain. There’s an old skinny goat I do not make do this. This set up really helps my back since I do not need to bend over.

  5. Tracey says:

    My Nigerian dwarf( piggy ) likes to snuggle. But her sister not so much. She head butted me. Thank goodness they don’t have horns. I usually pick her up and hold her and my son trims. We will be making a stand soon they’re getting a little too heavy to hold for that long. Love them both though! Pickles look great!

    • Donna says:

      Hi Tracey! Glad to hear your goats are doing well. We love using our stand made from a large electric line spool. They climb up there for grain, I hook a collar and leash on them and then trim their hooves easy peasy. I definitely would suggest a stand.

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