Sick Sheep

This is what an acidotic sheep looks like:


This is what a bloated sheep looks like:

So those of you with ruminants out there, please make sure your grain is extra secure.  The stuff is deadly.

In memory of Spike:

I am so sorry 🙁


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11 Responses to Sick Sheep

  1. Zakgirlsfarm says:

    Sad to hear about, Spike.

  2. sheepsclothing says:

    oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. poor Spike. Does it look like the others are going to pull through?

    • Thanks Denise. I am most concerned about Hazelnut. He is really bloated and breathing hard. I just gave him another activated charcoal treatment. He is still alert and standing though. I was worried about Mona but she is having a lot of diarrhea and starting to walk more so I am encouraged. I think the others will be OK. (I hope)

  3. ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))

  4. Kathy says:

    Oh, Donna…I am so very, very sorry to hear about Spike. I’ll be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers that no one else succumbs to this evil. I think bloat is something every shepherd fears. (I keep Therabloat and veg oil handy just in case – as well as Linda Doane’s Rumen Rescue Remedy recipe is permanently hanging on the side of my fridge.)
    Keeping you in my thoughts and heart as you go through this…

    • Thanks Kathy! It has been a very rough day. I ordered some Therabloat to keep on hand. I wil have to get that recipe. So far, Hazelnut and Mona seem to be improving. Hopefully the worst is over.

  5. jackie says:

    I am SO sorry to hear about Spike, and the bloat and acidosis. I have been there. It’s heart breaking. It’s hard to keep them out of the chicken grain sometimes. They just have a way of getting into it, even when you think it is secure. Hang in there. Oh, I’d like that Rumen Rescue Remedy too. It sounds like a good thing to have around.

    • Thanks Jackie. I am still pretty upset about it all. I know you have been there, done that so know how awful it is. I am stocking up on supplies and securing the feed the best we can.

  6. Donna says:

    In retrospect, the goats had learned how to open the latch to the chicken pen. So this episode may have been the first time they figured it out, and it may not have been my fault. In memory of Spike (I still miss him dearly), here is the link to the “Story of Spike”

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