Late Summer Projects

Last weekend while I was at work, Tom replaced one of the barn walls.  This means that after only 2+ years we have finally completed the barn remodel!  So now we move onto the maintenance and repair phases.  He also replaced a really broken down gate next to the barn.


Today we finished cleaning out the last of the pens before winter.  The old bedding went into the manure spreader and was spread in our far back pasture.  The spreader was then placed under a shelter for the winter.

Then we fixed a sagging barn gutter and replaced a pole in the pheasant/duck pen.  The netting was really dragging after several years of snow weight episodes.  Now the netting is elevated that we can almost walk around in their pen.

Then we collected scrap metal from various old projects.  Old gates, fencing, siding and chicken wire were hauled off to be recycled.  We received almost $100 for the scrap.

Next I am going to start a batch of plum wine.  Tom is off searching for apples for hard cider.  A good day I would say.

(Just a ladybug hanging out on a nettle leaf near the gate I thought looked cool.)









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