Boots and Barn Maintenance

I bought a new pair of boots.  My last pair pretty much exploded about one month ago.  I have been borrowing Tom’s since then, but they are big for me and gouge my shins andcalves with creases with walking.  I have been to two wedding with these gouged legs so it is time for boots of my own again.

Now it is time for barn maintenance.  The roof suffered some damage from last winter’s winds so it is time to shore it up.  Above is the before photo and below is near the end of the repair.  It is scary climbing around on ladders trying to nail and screw things together.

One issue with trying to do construction projects in a barnyard (aside from animal interference of various kinds) is the danger of losing nails, etc.  If an animals eats a sharp object, it can kill them.  But it is hard to find a nail or screw in bedding or mud (like the proverbial needle in a haystack).  So we have rigged up a speaker magnet on the ever present baling twine and use this to find missing objects.

After finding the missing nails, it was time to improve the electricity to the barn.  Our heat lamb shorted out in the last rain storm, and our chicks all died.  We have more about to hatch so improvements need to be made quickly.  Hoepfully this wire will safely carry the electricity to the barn and keep the chicks warm.


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