Back At It

We have been on a vacation.  But we arrived back home late last night, and so today we are back at it with a vengeance.  We got some of the sheep ready for the shearer.  The shearing went quite well, and now I have five fleeces drying.

Then we set up the goat and sheep breeding groups.  This involved getting pens ready for all the groups and then catching and moving individuals into their new spots.  First was Jocko becoming reacquainted with Wink.

Then Lewis is reestablishing with Daphnie.  I am hoping to make another Spike.

Then Shaun met for the first time Dete, Moll and Tanya.  This is a new experiment for us, crossing breeding Shetlands to Gotland-Finn and Cotswold sheep.  I am hoping for colorful amazing fleeces and lambs of decent size at butchering time.  Plus I am hoping to milk the Finn cross ewes for cheese making.

Then there’s the goats.  Bumble Bee is meeting Magpie and Saphie.

And Dean is reuniting with Meadowlark (sorry for the out of focus photos).

After this Tom and I harvested.  We picked apples, tomatoes and green beans.  Currently I am canning the green beans and tomorrow is apple pressing day.  I am already tired.



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