Wood Chips

So today we made wood chips out of the cottonwood branches laying all over our back yard.  We rented this chipper which can take up to 9″ diameter logs and went to it.

Our backyard is starting to get recognizable again except now there is a lot of sky.  We still have a couple more hours of chipping to do tomorrow (we ran out of gas today).  Most of the huge logs are pulled out back with the tractor for flood control.  A lot of the large logs are cut into sections for firewood.  We still need to stack them and let them dry (about 2 years).  The rest is going in the chipper.  Hopefully all these wood chips will keep the mud at bay.  For now the sheep are enjoy picking and eating the leaves out of the chipped wood.


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  1. Awesome sheep. very cool farm thanks for posting such cool content, do you also do any organic food farming?

  2. john says:

    love your parn…north american barns are so pretty compared to ours over here

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