Croci and Pruning

There are signs of life on our little farm.  I noticed croci for the first time this year in our yard.  Plus I noticed some of the fruit trees are budding.

So we decided today was a good day for pruning our orchard.  Here is part of the orchard that is unpruned,

and here is a portion after we pruned.

It is a little hard to see since the sun is setting, but it looks a lot better.  We got about half the orchard done today.

People in the Pacific Northwest appreciate it when the sun comes out.  We go outside if at all possible and try to soak up some rays of light.  We tend to be inappropriately dressed for the temperatures at times, and I am no exception.  I chose to prune the orchard wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt.  Here’s the result of this decision,

scratches and goosebumps.  Oh well, it was a good day.

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