View from the Fiber Studio

This was the view from the view from the fiber studio this morning.  There was sunshine sparkling off the rain drops left on the tree branches.  It was quite pretty.  Below is some of the interior of the studio.  I had “Shaun the Sheep” going on the lap top (the UK DVD does not work on US DVD players).  This worked out well while I was feeding the cashmere fiber into the carder.

In animal news, Cody is doing OK in a pen in the barn.  He is eating well and staying warm.  He needs a companion so we are using this opportunity to fix goat hooves.  We had Brown Sugar in the pen keeping his feet dry and administering daily hoof treatment.  Now he is healed up so he is back in the flock, and Bambi is in getting his treatments.  Here’s Brown Sugar being reintroduced.

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