You’re Kidding

This is what the goats seem to be saying to us every three hours through the day and night as we come into the barn, shine a light on them, and stare at them.  This is what we are saying too as it has been 4 days of sleep deprivation and no action.

But then today we made some progress.  Miss Smith kidded for the first time with two gorgeous doe kids.  Here they are just born.


Introducing Driving Miss Daisy

And Little Miss Muffit.

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12 Responses to You’re Kidding

  1. Krista M says:

    Yeah Donna, Congrats! Very cute indeed:)

  2. I want one!

  3. Nancy K. says:

    Are they ever beautiful! Do you milk your goats?

  4. mcfwriter says:

    I want one. Miss Daisy to go with my Miss Daisy (the Rottweiler)! For real/definitely interested/let’s talk. 🙂

  5. mcfwriter says:

    And I just realized they were born on St. Pats, which was the same day lo those many years ago that my first two goats kidded. Pepper, the Alpine, had twins, Patty and Paddy, and Reason, the Pygmy, had Emerald (Emma), both kidded during the night. It was a fun morning to wake up to three kids!

  6. Chai Chai says:

    Wonderful coloring on those kids, beautiful!

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