Fixin’ is what we do on the farm.  Usually it is fences and gates, but today was a little different.  When I went out this morning to check on animals, I noticed the door to the feed shed was wide open, and sheep and goats came out.  I was cursing Tom and fearing the worst (widespread bloat) when I discovered the problem above.  The beasts had busted in and broke the door jam for the dead bolt.  I am suspecting Lil, our La Mancha goat, but have no evidence which is good because I was expecting Tom to be pretty mad when he got home.  In the feed shed some alfalfa was eaten, the garbage can knocked over, and the lid to the chicken feed container was off, but it as low so they couldn’t reach it.  The grain bin had been knocked into the chick pen but fortunately we had just put the netting up so they couldn’t get to it or the chick feed.  So somewhat of a mess but nothing dangerous.

After sorting things out and while doing critter chores, I looked up and saw the scene below.  I could have missed it, fretting about things.  But I did stop to notice the beauty around me.  The fog was so dramatic it almost looked like the forest was on fire.

I also noticed all the pollen.  The photo does not do it justice as there is pollen throughout the rain water barrel.  It made me wonder.  I never notice the goats or chickens sneezing.  Do sheep get hay fever?

While I was waiting for Tom, I decided to shear and pluck some bunnies.  I usually forget to do the before photo (and the after photo is not very attractive).  But I did remember to get Susan’s photo.  She looks thrilled, doesn’t she?

When Tom came home, he did not seem mad.  He just said he wasn’t going to fix it and “let them all die”.  So maybe he as a little mad.  But he did fix it.  Hopefully the feed is secure again.

The other chore of the day was giving the goat kids their first shots.  We put them in a pen afterward so we could remember who go their shot and who didn’t.  Then we released them.  Here they are running for relative freedom in the barn.

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8 Responses to Fixin’

  1. Jan Lee says:

    well if it’s not one thing, it’s another! Nice rabbit picture…

  2. Teresa says:

    Those goats are sneaky and way too smart for their own good! Glad he got it fixed.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Teresa! Goats are sneaky and persistent too. I am glad he fixed it. The door seems to be holding, and we even had goats in that area again.

  3. Tina T-P says:

    Looks like you could give out Leigh’s Most Annoying Goat award (

    Sorry to read about Tom’s accident – hope he recovers fully and quickly! T.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Tina. I am not sure she is actually our Most annoying goat though, btu she is near the top anyway.
      Tom is getting better. I hope he recovers quickly because doing all the work around here is tough! (Plus I do not like to see him in pain.)

  4. Leigh says:

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and letting me know about your goats. Sounds like you’ve got a few contenders for “Most Annoying,” LOL. Great post, and so true. Love the bunny shot; looks just like the 1st angora I had.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Leigh! Different day, different annoying goat around here. I am enjoying your blog as well. I still have three more bunnies to shear and three more goats to trim hooves today. It is never done!

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