The Day of Multiple Small Farm Projects

The first small project was getting the new chick pen ready.  Over the last 2 days, Tom had poured a concrete floor into the pen (so we would have no more mink visitors).  So I built roosts, laid out shavings, and moved the waterer and feeder in.  Then we caught and move the chicks into their new digs.  It is 3 times the space of their previous pen, but they still seem kind of crowded.  I guess that is what happens when you order 60 chicks.  Here they are checking it out.

I also did the annual tadpole rescue.  A puddle at the gate between our two far fields is drying up rapidly, and the tadpoles in it were about to dry up too.  So I bucketed them over to water that will not dry up.  I am sure it is traumatizing for them to be scooped up and poured into new water, but I do not see a good alternative.

Then I set up the incubator for pheasant eggs.  Pheasants are lousy setters, in my experience, so I will try again to incubate their eggs and see if we can get pheasant chicks and keep them alive.  Our pheasant chicks so far like to escape and disappear.  Maybe our new concrete floored pen will keep them in.

Next I am going to start some rhubarb wine.  I have enjoyed rhubarb wine in the past but have never made it.  And we have a bumper crop of rhubarb.  So wish me luck with this last project of the day.

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