Farmers in Need of a Vacation

So we need a vacation.  The weather has improved making us think that summer will actually arrive at some point.  And we have had a tough lambing season, and it is ongoing.  Today I noticed that Moll has mastitis.  I have never had to deal with mastitis before.  So she is on multiple medications, and frequent udder massage and milking.  I think I have been spoiled by having Shetland sheep because I have never had all of these lambing problems before.  I think I will go back to the Shetlands.  Here’s Moll after treatment:

So I am thinking of warm trips this summer.  I am not a fulltime farmer but Tom is now.  We worked on the camper van that I inherited from my grandfather.  I cleaned the inside including washing all the dishes.  Tom cleaned the outside and washed the linens.  Tomorrow she (we call her Bluesy the Floosy) will get an oil change.  Then we will stock her with food, supplies and bedding, and she will be ready to go.  We need a vacation!

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10 Responses to Farmers in Need of a Vacation

  1. sheepsclothing says:

    So, where are you headed?

  2. mcfwriter says:

    Me too! I haven’t been anywhere, even overnight, for close to three years now. I need to find a farm sitter – someone reliable to stay at the house (dogs are inside pets) and able to feed/water the chickens and sheep as needed. It would be so nice to go somewhere, even for a weekend. Healthy too.

  3. finlaygray says:

    if u feel u need a break , YOU NEED A BREAK
    nice to catch up

    • Donna says:

      Thanks John! We definitely need one. Still trying to get the camper van in safe working order. Tom had to fix the brakes yesterday. Hopefully we will be on the road soon!

  4. kathy says:

    You should come here and see the holler>>> LOL

  5. Franna says:

    Awwww, sorry to hear you have to deal with mastitis. Interesting, I’ve only seen it in the Shetlands (twice) and Scotties (once). Two cleared up and the other lost half her udder. That was her second strike so she got culled.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Franna! It is a nasty disease and she was sick. But she is doing well now with a residual hard mass in her udder. My concern now is whether she can make enough milk for her lamb.

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