The Third of July

Now I know most of the country is reeling from hot temperatures, storms and fires, so I do not wish to complain too loudly.  But this “summer” here is getting very old.  It keeps on raining, the clouds never seem to clear, and now, on the third of July, our garden is flooded with a LOT more rain expected.  How are you supposed to garden when there has been no sun and torrential downpours?  And there is no way we are knee high by tomorrow.  OK, done complaining for now.  Thanks.

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  1. Ellen Peavey says:

    That is a shame about your garden, we had three days of triple digit temps. lost one third of our tomato’s it blistered them it was 108 here on Sunday. That was the day I lost two chickens to the heat even with fans running, so glad it is back to normal July temps. 95 to 98. We need some rain send ue some. Ellen from Georgia

    • I know I should not complain because it is only plants trying to die here. The animals and humans are miserable but not in any danger. I would love to send you this rain.

  2. Tammy says:

    Wish you could send some of your rain here. It’s critically dry and I’m praying it rains soon or it might be impossible to get hay for the winter. However–I understand how you feel–any extreme that interferes with the normal cycle of weather (and growing season esp.) is a hardship. Here is hoping that the temperatures and rainfall even out a bit over the big old USA.


  3. Michelle says:

    Wow, Donna, that is VERY wet! I guess we’re having the only reasonably moderate weather, in spite of a very cool and wet June. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could barter weather like we can goods and services? “I’ll take 10 degrees of your temps and trade you two inches of rain.” ha

    • I would love to barter this stuff. After many months of grey skies and mud, seeing the garden flooded sent me into a deep dark funk (laying in bed eating pita chips kind). Just a little sunshine would help us all out a lot here.

  4. john says:

    oh I hate this weather!!!!!!!!!!! nothing growing, plants battered, hens webbed footed

    • Donna says:

      John, It sounds like you and I have the same weather but on different ends of the world. I hope your yellow room cheers you up. I am having trouble staying afloat in this greyness.

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