Lambs Growing Up Part 2

In my previous post about lambs growing up, folks had questions about how their wool compared to the wool of their parent’s breeds. So I tried to take photos of their fleeces.  Above is the wool of Bambam Too, our only purebred Shetland lamb this year.  Compare it to the wool of the Shetland cross lambs below.  Next is Hank, our 50% Shetland, 25% Gotland and 25% Finn lamb.

Then there’s his sister’s, Patsy’s, wool.

Next is Lambikins, our 50% Cotswold and 50% Shetland lamb.

Last is Magner’s wool.  He is our other Shetland/Gotland/Finn lamb.  He is younger though so his fleece is not showing much character yet.  His wool is actually black.  The light reflection off his sheen makes it look grey.

So what do you guys think?  Do you see Shetland characteristics in these cross bred lambs?  Personally I do not.  To me it looks Gotland or Cotswold.  There certainly is the sheen of these breeds, although a few of my Shetlands have that too.

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