So I come home from work today, and Tom told me he just got the pigs situated.

So I said “Pigs? What pigs?”.  He says he just got back from buying 2 pigs and putting them in their pen.

So these are our new pigs.  They are Hereford Duroc crosses that are 6 weeks old.  We had talked about calling about them, but I wasn’t expecting to come home to them.

So this is a big adjustment for all of us.  The sheep, dogs and donkeys are curious, and we have never owned pigs before.  They are Lucy (with the white on the face) and Desi.  There is a distinctively new sound in the barnyard as the sunlight fades away.





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3 Responses to Hoggies

  1. William says he figured it wouldn’t be long till Tom gave into the lure of bacon! And as for sounds, we had a teen over here once helping his dad on our truck. He was walking past the bushes when suddenly they shook violently and made scarey grunting noises. He looked terrified and sprinted past them to his dad. We tried not to laugh too hard when we told him it was the pigs.

  2. I think he was mostly just scared because he didn’t know what was making the noises. Not many people really know what pigs sound like.

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