Harvest Market

We participated in the Bow Harvest Market today.  We brought the cider press and offered pressing services.  People brought in their apples, and we pressed them.  We were quite busy with this.  We had some apples and pears for sale as well as wool.  Below is some of the wool having been drum carded to get ready for the market.

The weather was cold but mostly dry.  There was slight sprinkling in the afternoon and a brief hailstorm pictured below.  But overall a very nice day and a good turnout for an old-fashioned harvest celebration.



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  1. sheepsclothing says:

    what a great idea! how did the pressing thing work? did people bring their own containers for the juice? and did you charge by the volume of apples, or amount of juice produced? the wool looks wonderful too-

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Denise! People were told to bring their own containers but we had extra for sale for those that did not. We charged per pressing which usually gave about a gallon but the range was 3 to 12 quarts. It was a lot of work and Tom is tired today but it was our best day at the market financially. We are talking about doing it again at the Holiday Market next month too.

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