Judith MacKenzie

As I just posted in my recent post, Judith MacKenzie is an amazing teacher.  In addition to the recent miniSpinner retreat, I have learned from her at a spin-in and at fleece judging as well as a talk she gave at BSG.  I also have several of her books.  She is an amazing teacher of spinning techniques, and her breadth of experience in the fiber world cannot be overstated.  Listening to her stories of her life and her travels is awe inspiring as is watching her work with fiber.  So it broke my heart (and many others) when I learned that the fire in Forks took out her studio as well.  I had feared this.  So now it is time to help this amazingly generous woman to rebuild.  What she lost is irreplaceable- decades of collected equipment and carefully preserved fiber.  But at least we can try.  So please donate if you can at http://www.rebuildjudithsstudio.com/index.html#continue


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