Equipment for Goats

Mr D on spool

Today I trimmed 60 goat hooves (15 goats with 4 hooves each).  My hoof trimming spool is working out great.  Most the goats I can entice up with grain.  Then I put a collar on them, attach it to he post and trim the hooves without bending forward.  A real back saver.  There are some goats that do not fall for the grain trick that I have to catch.  Two of these goats today were so obstinate that I put them on the regular stanchion, bent over and trimmed them.  Above is Mr. D on the spool.

I need advice about a goat-proof latch.  My goats (after more than 10 years) have figured out how to open the latch to the chicken pen with chicken feed in it.  We started put a hook on the end of the latch to prevent this but in my Christmas haste yesterday I forgot to put the hook in.  The goats ate quite a bit of chicken feed. Two of them have diarrhea and none so far are bloating, so hopefully none of them will die from this adventure.  But we obviously need a more fool/human proof latch to keep the goats out.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Our current latch is below (with the hook in the correct position).


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