Wink has Twins

hens roosting on ladderSo above is one of the views from the nighttime barn checks.  It is three hens roosting on the ladder to our hay loft at 2AM.  But below is the view from the 8AM check.  Bing Bang Wink (bred to Bitterroot Ansel AKA Jocko) had just lambed.

winks lambsFirst to be born is the larger and darker ewe lamb.  She is a real go getter, nursing right away.

wink and her ewe lambAnd second is the slightly smaller and lighter colored ram lamb.  He has a white tuff on his head and impressive horn buds already.  He is still figuring out the nursing thing but is quite close.

wink and her ram lambWink was sharing a pen with Sadie, our old and now blind ewe.  Sadie is quite upset about the events of the morning and yelling frequently.  I was a little concerned she might step on the lambs so I moved Wink and her lambs to another pen.  Hopefully Sadie will settled down now.





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6 Responses to Wink has Twins

  1. margaret says:

    wow they are sooo cute!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Margaret! They will be cuter when they are dried off more and standing straighter. But they are quite healthy which I am thrilled about. No losses so far this year. One doe and one ewe to go! And then we can sleep through the night.

  2. Monique says:

    Oh they are cute. And I really love the pic of your buff orpington hens – that is a great composition – mind if I borrow it for some attempted artwork?

  3. Chai Chai says:

    I love how the mom’s just keep on licking away!

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