Cold Rain

Yesterday was a day of cold rain, to the point it was slushy.  Our animals were all shivering, even those in the barn.  It was the day we were supposed to get Shaun, our ram for sale, in the barn so his prospective buyer could look at him. I spent 2 hours trying to chase and cajole the rams into the barn in a torrential cold downpour until I finally figured out to move them into the alley on the other side of the barn that they were used to.  We got them finally in the barn and then caught Shaun and put him in the pen just as Wendy was arriving.  She liked him and bought him, although will not pick him up until June.  Here are the rams after we got them all in the pen.  They were so cold we left them in there to warm up.

rams in pen

During the ram chase, a delivery truck arrived with our much needed washer and dryer.  However they took off as Tom was going to the gate to let them in.  I guess they did not want to get rained on.  So we cancelled the order from this national chain that was already 2 days late delivering it and was going to be another 3 days.  Laundry is piling up so this is not acceptable.  So we called a local company Judd and Black and they delivered a new washer and dryer the same afternoon.  Now we are washing clothes with mud and/or amniotic fluid on them.  The joys of farming!

PS I skirted 3 more Shetland fleeces for sale, including Lewis’.  They are at the bottom of

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8 Responses to Cold Rain

  1. Michelle says:

    I still have one sheep in full fleece that I plan to scissor-shear, but I’m waiting for warmer weather! Not slushy here, but brisk enough that a fire in the wood stove felt good….

  2. mcfwriter says:

    Yesterday was miserable here, too – cold and quite an accumulation of hail. Glad you were able to find a new place for Shaun! Today wasn’t quite as cold – the bees were flying, always a good sign – but still chillier than I’d like.

    • Donna says:

      The sheep are shivering in the barn again this morning but at least they are not wet. I wish spring would get here and stay. These animals are suffering.

  3. sheepsclothing says:

    weather was crazy this weekend! snow, torrential rain, hail. and I’d almost forgotten how icky April can be. my sheepie guys have been mostly sitting it out in the shed.

    • Donna says:

      Most everyone here is hanging out all the time under shelter. The exception is the cows, even the calf, are standing in the weather rather than going to their well strawed shelter. I do not see them shivering though. Even the geese have been in the barn.

  4. Chai Chai says:

    I love how chickens get into every ones pictures of whatever…..don’t mind us, were just here for ambiance!

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