Spring Day on the Farm

IMG_2663The day started out with banding three of our ram lambs, Merle, Waylon and Willy.  They seemed to recover fairly quickly, but it is still very hard to do.  Then, after animal chores, I trimmed the hooves of 14 goats (56 hooves).  I improved on my technique a little this time by having the spool near a gate so I would entice one animal at a time through the gate with grain and convince them to jump onto the spool.  This way I was not fighting off a bunch of goats all wanting the grain.  I forgot to take a photo of the spool in action so this is Gertie standing on it after the task.

IMG_2666I noticed Jocko’s epoxy job on his horn is breaking up.  So that was a waste of time and money.  Hopefully his horn will hold on a little bit longer as we are getting rid of the two younger rams.

IMG_2651The chicks are growing up and getting feathers.  I should take a closer look and see what breeds we have.  But no time for that.

IMG_2647It was the goat kids turn to sun themselves for the first time today.  They look quite content.

IMG_2671I saw the first swallow of the year today.  Here he is on a pole.

IMG_2673And while I was doing these things, Tom and Thomas were working on the extension to the garage.  They got the center roof beam up which as quite a task as it is quite heavy.  Things should proceed more quickly now.







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