Young’uns and Barn Office

chicks in new penSo today I cleaned out one of the pens in the barn and moved the growing rooster chicks in there.  They had outgrown their old space in the feed shed.  There are still 27 of them, and I think I can identify their breeds (6 Dark Cornish, 3 Lt. Brahmas, 3 Buff and 3 White Orpingtons; 3 New Hampshire, 3 Rhode Island Reds, 3 Barred Rocks, and 3 Sussex).  After the trauma of moving, they are happier with their new space.  The other young’uns are growing up too.  Here is Patches and her kids napping in a small shelter in the barn.

Patches and kidsAnd here is Tanya and her lambs.  They are growing fast.  I forgot to get a photo of Margie, our Dexter calf.  She is getting big too.

Tanya and lambsAnd I finally used the barn office for the first time today.  I had been waiting for electricity but decided instead to use a headlamp to light the microscope.  It worked out well.  I did my fecal egg counts in the barn office rather than the dining room table.  Tom will be thrilled.

barn office




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  1. No more poop in the kitchen.

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