Open Farm Day

We had a day where we invited co-workers and friends to our farm to see the critters.  So this meant starting extra early getting the animal chores done.  In the process I threw the empty chicken food bag in with the goats, and Gertie decided to get the bag over her head and was bumbling around the barn until we caught her and took it off.

IMG_2947I took a random photo of our Satin Angora doe Scamp.  I thought she looked especially pretty with the sunshine on her.

Satin Angora rabbitAnd then the farm visitors came.  There was a flurry of parents and children petting the baby goats and picking up the feathers.  Thankfully the mud has dried and the weather was decent so hopefully a good time was had by all.

open farm day



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2 Responses to Open Farm Day

  1. Chai Chai says:

    Kids get so excited and just love seeing the animals, you must have really enjoyed the day.

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks Chai Chai! I did enjoy the day.

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