Sheepiversary #15

Today it is 15 years since I have been owned by sheep.  I purchased Ebony and Sadie from Mystic Knoll Farm in Coupeville, WA on July 25, 1998.  Ebony has passed on, and Sadie is old and blind.  We have purchased a few sheep in these 15 years, but of our flock of 36 sheep, 12 are descendants of these two original Shetland sheep.

rita and sadie


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2 Responses to Sheepiversary #15

  1. epeavey1 says:

    I didn’t know sheep lived that long, and what a long line descendants from the two original sheep. I have raised goats, but now have chickens and ducks and one horse along with a big garden. What kind of wool is that sure is beautiful? Ellen from Georgia


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