Farming is Cleaning

barrel brushI realized this finally today as I was scrubbing out our many water containers for the critters.  Above is the brush we use.  Every 5 days we are scrubbing and changing their water.  In addition we have to clean out the barn, pens and hutches.

partially scopped barnWe have to clean the feeders.

rinsed hay feederWe have to clean the barn towels.

barn towelsAnd we have to attempt to clean the barn boots every time we come back to the house.  There is also a lot of barn clothes covered in a variety of substances that need cleaning.

bootsWe also have to clean the fruits, vegetables and eggs before we sell, eat or preserve them.

washed crabapplesWe have to cleaning the preserving equipment too.  The canning supplies,

canning equipmentthe pressing equipment,

washed cider pressing equipmentand the carboys and bottles.

carboy and bottle brushesWe also have to clean the wool

wool washing tuband the incubator.

incubatorMost of this cleaning we have done in the last few days.  So it finally dawned on me, what we are really doing with our lives in cleaning.

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