beaver pondWe have a beaver in the back of our property taking down trees, building dams, making ponds and backing up our ditches.  Above is one of the ponds with three of the trees he took down.  We believe he moved back here because the county took down the trees and dug ditches near where he used to be by the road.  So this explains why our ditches have not been flowing, and our fields are flooding more than usual.  Below is a larger tree he has almost completely chewed through the trunk of.

chewed through tree


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  1. Lois says:

    When we lived in NH, we built a house near an area where beavers were living. They had dammed up the stream there and flooded some of our land. We took out their dam every day we came to work on the house, and every night the beavers rebuilt it. Ultimately they gave up and built further upstream.

    That dam was a problem too, and so we built a drainage system that would prevent them from damming it up. There are plans for a “beaver baffle” and generally they do work….our clever beavers figured it out!

    Try to find Hope Ryden’s book “Lily Pond”…a wonderful story of her time spent studying a colony of beavers. They are amazing creatures; I am honored to have known and matched wits with a few of their kind.

  2. Jody says:

    You could just blow it up like the guys on Duck Dynasty LOL 🙂

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