escapeYesterday when I went out to do the chores I found the above scene.  Our Highland bull had busted into the sheep field, perplexing the sheep and worrying the llama.  Now I was worried because I figured if the cows got through the fence, the rams probably did too.  I went to investigate, and the fence wire was knocked 2/3 down, but the rams were still in their field.  We lucked out in that we have just one Dexter heifer calf exposed to a Highland bull, but not 20 ewes exposed to three rams.  Gumby, the bull, was harassing Marji, the calf, pretty good and she caught her foot on a scratching stump in the field so I quickly enticed the three escaped cows back into their field with hay and briefly pulled up the fence.  I enticed the sheep and goats into the barn and shut them in.  Then I gathered a hog panel and supplies and patched the fence.  Finally I moved Marji and Dillweed, the steer, one more field over so they would not be as much of a draw for Gumby.  This meant I needed to move more water into that field, and all of the hoses were frozen.  So I spent quite a bit of time unthawing the hoses to get water.  All told 4.5 hours of work and I had not eaten any breakfast.  I was spent when this was over.


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  1. Michelle says:

    SO glad the rams stayed put for you!

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